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Processing & Logistics

Titan Steel operated two divisions to offer outsourced specialty services to our customers – TSC Processing and TSC Logistics. These divisions leverage our long history in the international metals markets and allow customers to utilize a more selective portion of our capabilities. Our team is experienced at meeting the needs of a variety of products and industries. With our wide scope of expertise, we can design a successful solution for you.

TSC Processing

TSC Processing is the light-gauge, toll-processing division of Titan Steel Corporation. We provide narrow width slitting and cut-to-length sheeting for tinplate, stainless steel, aluminum, cold rolled steel, aluminized steel, red metals, electrical steel and other related products. Our expertise also includes knowledge of coated products as well as paper interleaving and PVC material. Working with a range of mills, processors, manufacturers, distributors and and traders, we have broad knowledge and flexible production capabilities to fit your specific requirements.

TSC Logistics

Titan Steel operates TSC Logistics to offer customers a wide range of third-party logistics services for raw, semi-finished and finished metal products. We have 65 years of experience handling international metal logistics and can offer a full suite of services. TSC Logistics will enhance customers’ competitiveness and growth opportunities by providing superior solutions and services in a cost effective manner.