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Why work with Titan Steel?

Titan Steel provides solutions based on our versatile ability to deliver value throughout the steel supply chain. While our primary goal is to establish long-term, efficient supply chain for both customer and suppliers, we can also provide solutions to resolve immediate needs and trade imbalances.

Unlike many service centers, Titan Steel work only with light-gauge flat rolled steel, with a focus on tinmill products – tinplate (ETP), tin-free steel (FS/ECCS) and blackplate (TMBP/CR). We are structured with the people and the hard assets required to appropriate handles this products.

Every customer, supplier and transaction is important to us. We will work hard to make sure all your needs are met and you are fully satisfied with our services. We stand behind our reputation as an honest partner and a longstanding leader in the steel industry.

Product Expertise
  • 125,000 MT of tinmill and flat rolled products processed annually
  • Diverse inventory with 20,000 MTĀ of tinmill products (tinplate, tin-free steel, blackplate)
  • Experience through the entire supply chain, from mills to end users
  • Shearing and slitting lines for surface-critical, light-gauge products
  • Commitment to quality control through material inspection and processing expertise
Supplier and Customer Driven Solutions
  • Long-term partnership emphasized over short-term gain
  • Creative solutions to meet the demands and needs of our suppliers and customers
  • Seamless integration with your production schedules
  • Strong relationships tailored to deliver the right products at the most competitive prices
International Reach, Local Focus
  • Organized coverage of 300+ customersĀ in over 35 countries operating in diverse industries
  • Regular purchasing from 15+ mills and other sources of supply
  • Regional representatives on site to handle local relationships
  • Understanding of the delicate balance between international trade and local market forces
Attention of Senior Managers
  • Extremely knowledgeable management staff with an average of 20+ years in the industry
  • Sole focus on sourcing, processing and distribution of light-gauge, surface critical material
  • Every transaction is reviewed by experienced managers to ensure the highest level of quality
  • Appropriate delegation to highly skilled workforce during transaction execution