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Commitment to Quality

Titan Steel’s quality commitment is fundamental to our success and to our continued improvement. Our service centers are ISO 9001:2008 certified, every coil we receive is inspected in our state-of-the-art testing facilities, we track mill adherence to tolerances, and we invest in new technology to improve processing tolerances. Most importantly, we work hand-in-hand with each customer to make sure that we supply the best material for their end use – even if that means finding a different material or working with mills to develop a new specification.

Every employee is focused on customer service and making sure each order goes out exactly as out clients expect. In addition, with our program of continuous improvement and our expertise in tinplate and other light-gauge flat rolled steel, we work to gain your confidence so we can work on new solutions to exceed your expectations. You can trust your processing of tinplate to the care and expertise of Titan Steel.

ISO Certificate


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Material Inspection

We perform a rigorous inspection of inbound material and quality is tracked through out the manufacturing process. Every coil is examined by a team of our experts with precisely-calibrated equipment before entering our facilities. Measurements, photos and comments are logged in a proprietary inventory system so we can match your needs with the right material. Our systems are tailored for tinplate and light-gauge flat rolled steel.


Employee Training

We continuously train our employees in the procedures and specific tasks that comprise our quality system. Employees learn about general business procedures and the processing of steel, with particular attention spent on tinplate and light-gauge flat rolled steel. All employees at Titan Steel are also encouraged to improve their skills through on-the-job and in-classroom education. We maintain open communication between all levels of our organization.


We invest heavily in new equipment and improved processing methodologies to meet the exacting nature of our customers’ businesses. In addition, our staff custom-modifies each machine we own to improve tolerance control. Our focus is to ensure that our business is best suited to process tinplate and light-gauge flat rolled steel.


Complete Package

We maintain our quality standards during packaging and shipping. Our products are packaged based upon the mode of transport, final shipping destination, and customer requirements.