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TSC Processing

TSC Processing is the light-gauge, toll-processing division of Titan Steel Corporation. We provide narrow width slitting and cut-to-length sheeting for tinplate, stainless steel, aluminum, cold rolled steel, aluminized steel, red metals, electrical steel and other related products. Our expertise also includes knowledge of coated products as well as paper interleaving and PVC material. Working with a range of mills, processors, manufacturers, distributors and and traders, we have broad knowledge and flexible production capabilities to fit your specific requirements.

Our production team is experienced at meeting the needs of a variety of products and industries. With our wide scope of expertise, we can design a successful solution for you.

TSC Processing offers a complete line of toll processing and converting services to meet our customers’ needs. With the equipment in our two ISO 9001 certified warehouses, we offer the customization and flexibility needed to complete any toll processing job – large or small.

  • Coil Slitting: 3 coil slitting lines and 1 coil trimming line that can produce the best slit edge quality in the industry.
  • Coil Cutting: 5 cut-to-length lines providing sheets for customers in diverse industries from food packaging to industrial products.
  • Warehousing: Full-service, climate-controlled, ISO 9001 certified warehouses with over 265,000 sq. ft. of storage as well as partnerships with strategic warehouses around the world.
  • Inspection: Quality inspection of material at receiving and during processing.
  • Logistics: A wide range of third-party logistics services for raw, semi-finished and finished metal products, offered through TSC Logistics.
  • FTZ: We operate Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) in our Maryland and Illinois location, allowing us to warehouse and export material without it entering USA customs territory.

Materials Processed

Stainless Steel – Aluminum – Red Metals – Coated/Painted Steel – Tinplate Steel – Carbon Steel – Aluminized Steel – Electrical Steel – Nickel Coated Steel – Chrome Coated Steel – Copper Coated Steel – Laminated Steel – Other Related Products

End Uses

Aircraft – Automotive – Battery – Bead Chain – Button – Cable – Communications – Electronics – Eyelets – Fasteners – Flexible Hose – Housing Products – HVAC – Lighting Fixtures – Military – Office Products – Packaging – Solar – Springs – Stampings – Windows

Coil Slitting

Titan Steel operates 3 light-gauge coil slitting lines at our Illinois service center. Our lines are designed and maintained to ensure compliance with the exacting tolerances of the light-gauge industry. To maintain the highest quality, our coil slitting lines are engineered with tension stands, looping pits and shimless tooling. All our lines are compliant to process material for the sanitary market.

  • Thickness: 0.004-0.060″ (0.1-1.5mm)
  • Coil Width: <50″ (<1,270mm)
  • Slit Width: 0.25″+ (6.5mm+)
  • ID/OD: 12-20″/64″ (305-508mm/1,625mm)
  • Coil Weight: <30,000 lbs (<13,600 kgs)
  • Tolerance: 0.005″ (0.13mm)

Coil Cut-to-Length Sheeting

Our 3 Littell lines can cut over 100 sheets per minute and are equipped with inline edge trimmers. We provide both rectangular and scroll sheeting with the closest tolerances in the industry. Our 2 Iowa Precision Industries lines are capable of processing unusual sizes, with cut lengths from 7 in. to over 100 in.

  • Thickness: 0.005-0.050″ (0.13-1.27mm)
  • Coil Width: 2-50″ (50-1,270mm)
  • Cut Length: 7-120″ (180-3,050mm)
  • Edge Trim (Per Side): 0.25-5.00″ (7-130mm)
  • Coil Weight: <30,000 lbs (<13,600 kgs)
  • Tolerance: 0.007″ (0.18mm)

Warehousing, Inspection & Logistics

Services Provided:

  • Receiving/shipping
  • Contract warehousing
  • Order fulfillment
  • Transloading and cross docking
  • Pick and pack
  • Inventory control and inspection
Solutions Offered:

  • Seasonal distribution programs
  • Fluctuating space requirements
  • Quality control
  • Product overflow and safety stock
  • Marketplace entry
  • Just-in-time delivery

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