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Advantages for Suppliers

Titan Steel buys from mills, traders, service centers and end users all around the world. Suppliers partner with us to take advantage of our efficient processing and distribution model and our strong relationships with customers.

  • We can buy large volumes on blankets or contractual buying programs, and we are also a regular spot buyer
  • We deal in all grades of products; our warehouses and operating structure allow us to accumulate and aggregate marketable specifications
  • Our diverse customer base is involved in many different end uses in many different countries
  • We offer unique sales channels to move a wide range of specifications
  • Our size and capital base allow us to be a regular buyer of material
  • We have deep market and price intelligence on a range of sectors around the world
  • We understand global supply chains and international business
Regular Source of Demand

Titan Steel purchases a large volume of steel on a contractual and spot basis. We are also able to inventory a wide range of specifications and qualities as we accumulate volumes for our customers.

Diverse Customer Base

Titan Steel maintain a diverse base of customers involved in different industry segments and countries. The variety of our end users give us familiarity with all types of material and gives us demand to avoid cyclical difficulties in the broader industry.

Market Intellegence

Titan Steel’s activity in many regional markets gives us actionable information to sell material efficiently. We know the pricing and supply dynamics of the markets and adjust our sales channels to best suit market realities.

Trade Experience

Titan Steel’s experience with international trade allows us to effectively manage the execution of transactions around the world. We understand the complications of negotiation, documentation, logistics, settlement and payment of global business.

Due to Titan Steel’s large demand for a wide range of specifications and qualities, steel mills can regularly sell to us. We act as a consistent and competitive off-taker of material as well as an aggregator of orders. For prime material, we compile large and small order and make sure they are routed to the mill in an organized and sophisticated manner to facilitate the mill’s planning and production process. We are also a dominant buyer of prime excess and secondary material, either in spot programs or on blanket contracts.

Our uncommon customer base offers new outlets for material for traders and service centers. Our knowledge of customers in different markets and in different sectors allows us to buy material you may be having trouble moving. Our focus on tinmill and flat rolled as well as our experience with many end uses gives us a unique advantage when thinking where to place material. We also have particular talents in finding uses for material that is off-specification or damaged.

Titan Steel is a ready buyer of surplus, rejected or damaged material in the market. We regularly buy steel in coil and sheet form and will even purchase mislacquered and misprinted sheets. We remain current on market pricing and can quickly make an offer to buy material from an end user or any other alternative supply source. Our warehouses are strategically located to be central for accumulation of steel, allowing us to bid competitively for all types of material. We often buy on spot or contractual programs.