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Advantages for Customers

Titan Steel offers supply chain efficiency to many different types of customers. Depending on their needs, experience and purchasing power, customers can take advantage of many of our capabilities, including:

  • Global supply sources and a large inventory of prime, prime excess, Class 1 and secondary steel
  • ISO 9001 certified service centers that provide strategically-located processing of light-gauge material
  • Deep understanding of tinmill products, flat rolled products, and related metal products
  • Unrivaled processing experience and knowledgeable operating staff
  • Transactions dictated by customer-driven solutions
  • Logistical planning and execution that is tailored to the steel industry
Large Inventory

We accumulate an inventory of 20,000 tons so customers have immediate access to full truckload quantities of critical specifications of all quality types. Our unique sources of supply allow us to to draw many different specifications at competitive prices.

Service Centers

Our ISO 9001 certified service centers are designed to efficiently process light-gauge, surface critical material. We maintain many different cutting and slitting lines to ensure we have capacity to process your material when you need it.

Experienced Staff

Our staff has the knowledge and experience needed to process the material to the customer’s specification. In addition, our sales representatives and operators will help you simplify your sourcing.

Customer Focused

Transactions are set up to offer effective solutions to the customers. We work with you to find the optimal solution for your business needs.

Titan Steel offers large buyers the ability to compliment existing buying programs. For many customers, Titan Steel serves as a primary or secondary source of processing and logistics, performing non-core services at competitive prices. In addition, we have access to competitively priced material in the spot markets, we continuously pre-qualify new sources and new specifications, our resources can manage short term processing imbalances and we can supplement prime programs with Class 1 material.

Titan Steel offers mid-sized buyers the ability to outsource steel sourcing and processing needs. Most end users cannot justify the expense of installing processing assets or having a dedicated sourcing and logistics team. Titan Steel offers industry-leading coil cutting and slitting at our strategically located service centers. In addition, mid-sized buyers rely on us to determine new sources of supply, pre-qualify material, perform quality control, perform required shearing and slitting, maintain JIT inventory and handle material complaints.


Titan Steel allows small buyers the ability to leverage our scale and knowledge to improve their purchasing power. Small buyers rely on us to aggregate their buy, handle all material claims/complaints, provide R&D, find and qualify new sources, offer JIT and overflow inventory and provide financing terms. We ensure small buyers are treated fairly in the market and their orders are given the same attention and care as a large buyer. Titan Steel’s efficiency allows us to spend the time required to service even the smallest accounts.