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Electrolytic Tinplate (ETP) is a thin, cold-rolled carbon steel sheet coated with tin. The steel substrate provides the necessary strength and formability for specialty fabrication. The alloy layer provides the bond between the steel and free tin layer. The free tin layer is not only responsible for the attractive bright finish and ease of solderability but is also non-toxic, a factor of vital importance in food packaging.

Tinplate’s corrosion resistance, light weight and malleability make it ideal for many precision end uses, including food packaging and consumer products. The special properties of tinplate and improved manufacturing technology is allowing for the utilization of tinplate in many new end products.

As an extremely highly-engineered, light-gauge, surface-critical product, the processing and handling of tinplate differs significantly from other flat rolled products. Titan Steel’s long history with tinplate allows us to deliver¬†deliver cost-effective material¬†that meet the requirements of the end use.


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