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Tin-Free Steel

Tin-Free Steel (TFS) or Electrolytic Chromium Coated Steel (ECCS) is a thin, cold rolled carbon steel sheet coated by electrolytic deposition with metallic chrome overlaid with a film of chrome oxide. Unlike tin, the chromium layers cannot be reflowed into a brighter state; therefore a coating line dedicated to chromium coating will not need a melting tower.

As its properties are similar to tinplate, TFS is often used as a lower-cost replacement for crown caps, screw caps and can ends. However, TFS is never used without any organic protection (lacquer, polymer) for food products. The lacquer provides lubrication in the production phase and protection against corrosion. Organic coatings generally have excellent adhesive properties on TFS and are used particularly for plated cans and standard food can bottoms.


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