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Mission Statement

Titan Steel Corporation is a leader in the global supply of light-gauge steel, specializing in the sourcing, processing and distribution of tinmill steel, flatroll steel and related products. We provide our clients industry-leading products and services through:

  • A commitment to addressing customers’ and suppliers’ needs
  • Creative solutions to supply chain problems
  • Development and empowerment of our employees
  • Efficient operations that allow for competitive pricing of products
  • Global perspective and long-term outlook

By continuously improving our offerings to suppliers and customers, we expect to grow our position as a leader in our industry.



Our clients’ interests come first. If we treat our suppliers and customers as clients, our own success will follow.


Our assets are our people, our capital and our reputation. We must preserve and develop all three.


We are dedicated to complying with the laws, rules and ethical principles that govern us.


Our goal is to generate short-term profitability and superior long-term returns. This will give us the capital to attract and keep the best people.


We are determined to achieve excellence in what we undertake and we take great pride in the professional quality of our work.


We stress creativity and imagination in everything we do. While recognizing that the old way may still be the best way, we constantly strive to find a better solution to problems.


We make an effort to recruit and retain the very best person for every job. Without the best people, we cannot be the best firm.


Our people have the opportunity to move ahead more rapidly than is possible at most other places. Advancement depends on merit and we will give responsibility to those who earn it.


We stress teamwork in everything we do. While individual creativity is always encouraged, we have found that team effort produces the best results.



The dedication of our people to the firm and the intense effort they give their jobs is a driving force of our success.



We constantly strive to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of our clients and to develop new services to meet those needs. We know that complacency can lead to extinction.


We will remain fair competitors and will not denigrate other firms even as we aggressively seek to expand our market position.


Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business. We expect our people to maintain high ethical standards in what they do.